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Today's tips

Tipster Tip
Andrew Parsons Chepstow 1.00 (3) Caswell Bay
john downton Chepstow 1.00 (8) Kenyan Cowboy (IRE)
Gary Hogland Chepstow 1.30 (1) Bucks Boggle (FR)
Bill Trendell Chepstow 1.30 (4) Hauraki Gulf
Neil Wilson Chepstow 12.30 (9) Mayhem Mya
Kevin Nokes Chepstow 2.00 (3) Frenchy Du Large (FR)
Simon Cornish Chepstow 2.35 (1) West To The Bridge (IRE)
James Langley Chepstow 2.35 (3) Bellatrixsa (IRE)
Chris Rowell Chepstow 3.10 (1) Eleanor Bob
Chris taylor Chepstow 3.10 (3) Barden Bella (IRE)
Andrew Parsons Fakenham 1.10 (1) Clear The Runway (IRE)
Robert Hogg Fakenham 1.10 (3) One Last Glance
Gary Hogland Fakenham 1.40 (3) Thirtyfourstitches (IRE)
john downton Fakenham 2.15 (4) Dubai Guest (IRE)
John Swan Fakenham 2.50 (2) Midnight Mary
James Langley Punchestown 12.50 (13) The Tide Turns
Neil Wilson Punchestown 12.50 (13) The Tide Turns
Mike Sands Punchestown 3.00 (11) Minella Crooner (IRE)
Mike Sands Punchestown 4.05 (1) Brookline (IRE)
John Swan Wolverhampton 4.30 (11) Birkie Girl
LIONEL Wolverhampton 4.30 (5) Twistaline
Robert Hogg Wolverhampton 4.30 (5) Twistaline
LIONEL Wolverhampton 5.00 (2) Mudlahhim (IRE)
Chris Rowell Wolverhampton 5.00 (6) I Am A Dreamer
Russ Evans Wolverhampton 5.30 (9) Desert Lime
Simon Cornish Wolverhampton 6.00 (4) Alexander James (IRE)
Christopher Downton Wolverhampton 6.00 (4) Alexander James (IRE)
Kevin Nokes Wolverhampton 6.00 (4) Alexander James (IRE)
Nigel Oliver Wolverhampton 6.00 (6) Society Red
TONY Bennington Wolverhampton 6.30 (1) Clap Your Hands
Chris taylor Wolverhampton 6.30 (4) Protected Guest
Russ Evans Wolverhampton 7.30 (1) Almufeed (IRE)
Christopher Downton Wolverhampton 7.30 (2) Billy Roberts (IRE)
Nigel Oliver Wolverhampton 7.30 (2) Billy Roberts (IRE)
Bill Trendell Wolverhampton 7.30 (2) Billy Roberts (IRE)
TONY Bennington Wolverhampton 7.30 (2) Billy Roberts (IRE)

This week's Top Tipsters


No results

This month's Top Tipsters

1James Langley 26
2TONY Bennington22
3Gary Hogland19
4Steve Rigby18
6David Roberts17
7Brian Williams16
8John Swan16
9Jim Cormack15
10Russ Evans15
11Marty Jones14
12Mark Simmons-Jenkins14
13Robbie Downton 14
14Mark French14
15John Lennox13
16Nigel Oliver13
17John Donnelly 13
18Brian Horsley12
19AlexBlack 12
20terence barraclough12
21 Chris taylor11
22George Smith 11
23John Bolton11
24Jeff Kilroe11
25Mike Sands11
26Craig Callan10
27Robert Johnston10
28Bharatkumar Ramji 10
29Robert Hogg10
30Chris Rowell 10
32Graeme Stuttaford9
33Raymond Watson 9
34Bill Trendell9
35Paul Nash9
36john downton 8
37Michael Lindsay8
38Phil Richardson8
39Anthony Mylott8
40Kevin Nokes 7
41Bryan Nicholas7
42kenny Sheehan 6
43Chris Sparrow6
44Simon Cornish 6
45Tahaweh Minwah5
46Mark Hoddinott4
47Andrew Parsons 4
48Colin Parkinson3
49Bunky Edkins 3
50Christopher Downton3

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