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FRT VIP tipster competition leader boards

Who is FRT's top tipster? Here's the runners and riders…

Last Week's Winner!

Big congratulations to

Nigel Oliver

who won last week's competition.

Last Month's Winner!

An outstanding run from

Mike Sands

who won last month's competition.

Last week's Top Tipsters

1Nigel Oliver17
2paul meredith16
3Chris Rowell12
4Gary Hogland11
5Mark Hoddinott11
6Bryan Nicholas11
7Mark Simmons-Jenkins8
8Bharatkumar Ramji8
9Mike Sands8
10Mark French8
11TONY Bennington8
12Paul Nash7
13Andrew Parsons7
14John Bolton7
15Raymond Watson4
16Bill Trendell3
17Craig Callan3

This week's Top Tipsters

1Jim Cormack6
2TONY Bennington5
3Raymond Watson4
4Mark French4
5Bill Trendell3
6terence barraclough3
7Gary Hogland3
8John Bolton3
9Bharatkumar Ramji2
10Paul Nash2
11Bryan Nicholas2
12Mark Hoddinott2
13paul meredith1

This month's Top Tipsters

1Chris Rowell37
2Nigel Oliver35
3paul meredith32
4Raymond Watson31
5Mark Simmons-Jenkins29
6Mark Hoddinott29
7Mike Sands28
8Mark French28
9terence barraclough27
10John Bolton25
11Bharatkumar Ramji24
12TONY Bennington24
13Bryan Nicholas23
14Gary Hogland22
15Brian Horsley19
16Bill Trendell19
17Jim Cormack17
18Paul Nash16
19Andrew Parsons12
20Craig Callan11
21Colin Parkinson2

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