You've probably realised that here at FRT we focus on the previews and tips side of things...

but what you probably didn't know is that we also have a sister site called Form Ratings which provides racecards!

These aren't your standard racecards though... far from it.

A standard racecard only tells you the real basics like the name of the horse, the name of the jockey, it’s recent results and what colours it’s wearing.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s great

(Especially if you prefer to pick based on the jockey silks)

BUT, Form Ratings is much more useful.


Because it takes into account 1000s of factors, crunches the numbers and gives each horse a set of ratings.

Looking at the Form Ratings racecards you can get a speedy indication of the important factors when it comes to picking winners - things like:

  • How strong a horse has performed in similar conditions…
  • How much turn of foot a horse has…
  • And, how good the horses recent performances were.

With that kind of insight you’ll be able to make a better informed decision when it comes to picking which horses to back.

If you fancy getting involved visit the Form Ratings website here.

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32 nations vying for THE BIGGEST trophy in world football.

It’s going to be immense. An entire month of constant football.

Best thing is though, it means we’ve got a tonne of prime games to ping bets on.

In total 64 of them each with 100’s of markets available. 😲

Here at Free Footy Tips we’re covering ALL of them.

Previews, tips and key stats for every game with one collective aim – to smash the bookies and land some BIG odds bets.

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