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Our panel of tipsters help us pick out the best selections each day for the Little Beauty, Premium Tip, and Lucky 15. We'll also compile all of our tipsters’ personal selections for the day, then review who’s best in form and share their tips with you for FREE! 

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Who wants tips from just one tipster? Even some of the pros have bad runs.

We take the best of the best and pit them against each other in a gladiatorial fight to the death! Okay, we don't go that far… but we do rank them based on their recent and long-term performance. Then we bring you the tips of whoever's best in form for FREE!

Here are the horse racing professionals bringing you daily tips. And if you’re particularly impressed by any one of our tipsters, you can find links to all of their personal daily services below.

Betting Gods

With decades of combined horse racing experience, Quentin, Darren, Gary, Colin, and Neil make up the five professional horse racing tipsters over at Betting Gods who’re bringing their expertise to the FRT community.

Every one of them has tipped professionally for years, and you can find a full database of every single one of their results tracked throughout that time. 

Quentin – Quentin Franks Racing

Running both an evening and a morning tipping service, Quentin has been a professional horse racing tipster for 7 years now – and he’s been following the horses for over two decades.

Since he’s started tipping in 2014, Quentin has recorded every one of his results which are for all to see right here. It’s safe to say, the results speak for themselves.

Click here to get Quentin’s daily tips

Gary – The Bookies Enemy

“I focus solely on finding value (and profit), so it’s incredibly rare you’ll see me backing anything in the top 3. But it’s an approach that’s working – that’s for sure.”

A quick Google search will bring up plenty of positive reviews and praise for Gary, who runs The Bookies Enemy service. He’s been beating the bookies for the past 30 years and has built up a solid reputation because of it.

Every evening, he sends out a handful of tips for the following day with a full analysis for each and every tip so you know exactly why he’s picked every one of his tips. 

Click here to get Gary’s daily tips

Darren – The Outside Edge

In December 2019, Darren applied to become a horse racing tipster at Betting Gods. After several very successful and profitable months, and beating off some stiff competition, he proved his skills and was officially given the green-light.

Now he helps punters like yourself to beat the bookies on the horses.

“I like to take a two-pronged approach. I send my first few tips the evening before – where I capture value in the markets. Then I send a second round of tips in the morning where I look at market trends to grab some final value for you.”

Click here to get Darren’s daily tips

Colin – The Tipping Maestro

A relative newcomer to the party, Colin has been tipping as a pro since October 2020. But since then, he's amassed some impressive results for himself and all his followers.

He applies a no-nonsense, uncomplicated approach, only tipping horses to win outright and always to level stakes.

Click here to get the Tipping Maestro's daily tips

Neil – Cheek Pieces

An expert horse racing tipster, Cheek Pieces has been tipping professionally since 2017. His only problem since then hasn’t been finding winners, it’s been trying to get his bets placed. The success of his tipping has resulted in most bookmakers either closing or restricting his account!

Click here to follow the Cheek Pieces tipping service

Form ratings

While being far from a traditional tipping site, Form Ratings provides their members with unique ratings to help them pinpoint good value selections.

Every day, it produces horse racing form ratings for every UK and Irish race, so you can get a strong idea of each horse’s chances of winning a race at a glance.

The racecards are the result of decades of data combined with some computer wizardry, and the end result is a powerful rating system which places the right information at your fingertips when it comes to placing bets.

Form Ratings

Having covered the FRT tips in the past, our sister site Form Ratings is here to provide us with their best bets based on nothing but the facts. 

While it’s not a tipster site, the Form Ratings algorithm produces daily ratings for every single horse running in every race. They’re influenced by hundreds of factors, including recent results, jockey, distance, preferred courses, speed, etc…

Then the Form Ratings team (with a helping hand from the Form Ratings supercomputer) analyses those ratings each day and applies his back-tested systems to find out which horses have the data backing them – and the ones you should be backing too.

Click here to learn more about Form Ratings


There are 10 professional horse racing tipsters from Tipstrr who provide daily tips for us to draw from – including two of their most consistent “Pro” rated tipsters.

Every tipster uses their own systematic approach to betting and comes with the results to back up their tips.

You can find a link to every one of them and access their daily paid service below:

Underdog Racing

Always on the lookout for lively outsiders, Underdog Racing love the thrill of a big-priced winner. After all, who doesn’t love an underdog?

All their bets are advised each way and with odds ranging from 16-1 right up to 66-1, so if you have the nerve and love a huge priced-winner, then their daily tips might just be for you.

Click here to get Underdog Racing’s daily tips

WannaWin BM – Tipstrr Pro

The tricky thing about each way betting is knowing when the price is actually right to bet each way. WannaWin removes that confusion and sticks to his principles. Every tip is to win. 

It's an all or nothing approach on paper, but reading into the methods, you'll find that all tips are based on value. A horse priced at 13/1 can be incorrectly priced and perhaps more deserving of 8/1. And that is where WannaWin's system pounces.

Tipstrr’s 2019 horse racing tipster of the year, WannaWin BM accumulated an impressive 10 months consistent profit in a row – and they weren’t by fine margins either.

Click here to get WannaWin BM’s daily tips

The Banker

The Banker is a mathematically derived Horse Racing system, using data to generate high and sustainable long term yields. 

Every month he sets himself the target of making 15-20pts profit. But profits do not accumulate in a perfectly linear manner. Although he may average 15-20pts a month, there may be months where there are positive and negative outliers. 

Click here to get The Banker’s daily tips


 With a consistent approach to betting averaging 7 tips a week, Horseforacourse hit the ground running when he launched after last year's lockdown, and has barely stopped running since. He's notched up a mammoth 74% ROI and sustained it over ten months of service. 

Click here to get the Horseforacourse daily tips

Each Way Value Tips – Tipstrr Pro

Horse racing on the Tipstrr platform is a seriously competitive business, so you can’t underestimate just how good Each Way Value Tips. He’s regularly atop of the leaderboards for overall profit, and the tipster still boasts one of the strongest return on investments of any well established horse racing tipster on the platform.

The each way value tips horse racing service offers a minimum of a couple of tips on most race days of the week, a solid win rate despite average odds around 9/1, and an ever increasing profit on some of the best value selections. 

“I study the form and highlights carefully to produce our winning horse racing picks as we aim to make long term profits through valuable odds.”

Click here to get the Each Way Value Tips daily


Another service ran by the same tipster as Each Way Value Tips. Onthenose differs as it provides carefully selected but nicely priced outright winners. One race-winner tip per day, all recommending single-unit bets, all published the night before racing. That's the simplicity behind the service of OnTheNose, who has been tipping as a pro since 2017.

Onthenose won the Tipstrr Best Tipster of the Year in both 2018 and 2020, and also made the top ten of their list for the first quarter of 2021 after earning a 33% yield in the first three months.

Click here to get the Onthenose daily tips

Shrewd Tips

With years of horse racing experience, Shrewd Tips specialises in picking race winners at high odds.
Due to its nature, the service can prove volatile for anyone demanding short-term gains, but the proof of the pudding lies in the long-term growth that has brought in a 12% yield over the last twelve months.

Click here to get the Shrewd Tips daily tips

Champions Tips

Champions Tips is a premium horse racing tipster specialising in handicaps. His credentials include mounting up an impressive 5 profitable months in a row (so far), and topping the leader boards as the best horse racing tipster on the Tipstrr platform in August 2021.

Click here to follow Champions Tips daily service

On The Money Tips

Without disclosing his age, let’s just say this guy is experienced. He’s been in the horse racing betting game for many years and tipping professionally since August 2020.

He initially took an each-way and win approach before switching to focus on the win market, and his results since then have shown it to be the right move. Flat staking has been key to his success, and his consistent results make him a tipster to keep an eye on.

Click here to follow the On The Money Tips daily service

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