FRT Gold is for SERIOUS players, who are ready to commit to a plan of action designed to make fantastic money for themselves and their loved ones. Is that you?

Minimum 3 month commitment, and £1,500 bankroll required.


An exclusive service for serious returns

FRT Gold isn’t for everyone, but if it is for you, then come and join the “inner circle” of the FRT community and reap the profits that come as a result.

As an FRT Gold member, you’ll receive:

  • Online access and daily email notifications for ALL our tips – Little Earners, Premium Tips and Lucky 15 selections, giving you the best selection of our expert picks and the best chance of making more money
  • Tips sent direct to your phone every day, taking the hassle out of putting your bet on
  • Access to Private Facebook Group giving you INSTANT NOTIFICATIONS of the tips the moment they go live, giving you the best chance of getting the best odds and the best profits.
  • Antepost Previews of all big races, keeping you informed and increasing the chances of wins
  • LIVE Access to our top tipster each and every day – not only will our tipster give you personal tips, but you’ll also get a chance to tap into his expertise to increase your win ratio
  • The Horse’s Mouth newsletter DELIVERED to your door every month, increasing your knowledge and giving more chance of BIG WINS
  • FREE entry to FRT Gold race days at selected courses throughout the year, giving unforgettable experiences

In short, FRT Gold is our concierge service for serious players who want to make good money for themselves and their loved ones, and if you’re one of those, you should think about applying today.

Why apply for FRT Gold?

One word: profit.

Over the years, we’ve developed a reputation for delivering consistent, long-term profits and in a world of shysters, that’s a testament to our success.

We’re not ‘fly by night’ type tipsters – we’ve been here for years, and we’ll be here for years to come because we know what we’re doing, and how to deliver profits for you and your loved ones.

Over the last six years, there’s only been two month-long periods where we haven’t delivered a profit, and over the course of the year, we’ve ALWAYS been up.

And not just up, up significantly – months where you’ll get a return of £100+ on £1 stakes are a common occurrence.

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How much could you win?

See how our results stack up against other forms of investment

We have had nearly a decade of experience and data to back up our tips. For serious returns from a long-term investment join our FRT Gold Service today!

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Tips From the Team

“If you’d started following FRT Gold with a £5,000 bank in 2013, you could have turned it into £21,625 after 4 years – an average annual return of more than 83%. Try getting that from the high street banks!”

John Lamerton – Free Racing Tips

“As well as the money-making betting plan to grow your betting bank, you’ll also get a monthly newsletter with tasty big-priced antepost bets, and FREE tickets to the Cheltenham Festival and Royal Ascot”

Keith Bond – Chief Tipster

"Been at work most of today and got home to discover my account even healthier. Thank you so much. Don't forget to let me know plans for Champions Day and also any other members who will be there. Can't Wait see you soon."

Simon Morrison-Peacock Middlesbrough

If you’re into horse-racing for profit, and you want access to proven experts who can deliver that profit for you, then FRT Gold is for you.

And of course, profit equals money in the bank, and money in the bank equals a better lifestyle for you and the people you care about.

How do we do it?

It’s quite simple: we know how to spot over-priced horses and understand where the value is.  We’ve got an uncanny ability to spot an overpriced horse, and we’ve made a lot of people rich by delivering that information and helping punters to back that horse before the odds take a nosedive.

And that’s why you should join FRT Gold – to give yourself the jumpstart and get access to those overpriced tips before the world and his wife get on them and value plummets.

Three Month Commitment

Yes, there is a three-month commitment when you join FRT Gold, for the simple reason that we don’t want any timewasters who won’t do anything with the solid gold information that we provide.

No, we won’t win every single time, but we’ll win enough for you to make good money, as long as you stay the course.

We ask for a three-month commitment because experience tells us that if you can stick out three months not only will you make good money, but you’ll truly understand the value.

Your Application

Joining FRT Gold is by application only, with no guarantee of acceptance.  Click the button below to submit your application, and if accepted, you’ll be ushered into the inner sanctum, and you’ll get your hands on everything we know about how to generate BIG profits from horse-racing.

The investment for FRT Gold is just £38.95 – a small investment compared to the returns possible – and you’ll get your first month for half-price if accepted.

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HUGE potential wins for small outlays

Your first 2 months for the price of 1 (£18.95)


We also have a PREMIUM TIPS Service:

  • 50% higher strike rate than average punters.
  • Hush-hush tips exclusive to FRT.
  • High quality tips to you every day.

… and they cost just £13.95 per month.


“The free service from FRT gives me the kind of strike rate which I haven’t found in any other service. To say it is one thing, to do it is another..”

Johnny Holmes Broughshane

"Excellent tipping - FRT obviously knows their stuff, I know nothing about horses but I do love a winning tip! (Don't we all in these hard times lol) and let's continue to beat the bookies cause they sure love to beat us!!!"

Angus McDowell Northern Ireland

"The main thing I like about the Premium Tips is that you provide a short rationale for your thoughts on selections, a follow-up comment & you don't hide away if it does go tits-up. I also really enjoy your humour, as gambling should be about a little bit of fun - and of course sticking it to the bookies.."

Paul Hodson Northern Ireland

FRT Gold Application form

"I'm not complaining..... but the NB finishing 2nd cost me £6000 ! I had £20 on acc so close… Great day! I've been working so nice to check my account and see a massive boom !! 😀💷💷💷 PT and NB dbl get in #beertokens #cashforebor"

Andrew Brydon

Note: The standard price for FRT Gold is £38.95 per month. However if your application is successful, we will send you a link to get your first month half price.

Please only tick the boxes if you AGREE with the following statement: