FRFT Tipster Rules

Failure to comply with the following rules will result in a suspension or removal from the group.

1. There will be NO links allowed. You may ask people to PM you for details of your service within the comments section of the post. 

2. You MUST provide only FREE tips to the group. 

3. You may only post:

a: Your upcoming FREE tip(s)
b: Shouting about your winning FREE tips only (no “BOOMs” about tips that weren't posted for free in the group)
c. Banter and/or updates about their FREE tips.

4. Any post that exists purely to promote your paid service will be deleted, and persistent offenders will be banned.

5. Tipsters must post no more than 1 times per day. You can update comments on those threads as many times as you like, but start no more than 1 new posts per day.

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And if you need help/ideas on best ways to post in the group just give us a shout..

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