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“I’ve just sent you an email…”
Approximately seven and a half seconds ago, you gave me your email address, and said that you wanted to get my free daily horse racing tips.

Well, thanks to a combination of the bureaucrats who gave us GDPR, and the spammers who keep trying to sell me little blue pills, there’s one more thing you need to do before I’m allowed to send them to you.

Don’t worry – it’s only

I’ve just sent you an email. The subject line is “Please confirm your request for free tips”.

If you open this email (please check in your spam/junk folders, as it sometimes gets lost en route), and click on the BIG BLUE BUTTON that says “CONFIRM MY EMAIL” – then we’ll be rocking and rolling.

Before you can start receiving my FREE daily tips…

Before I can send you my weekly “notebook” of the horses that have caught my eye…

Before you can receive my FREE daily Little Beauty..

I need you to do one more thing…

Open the email I’ve just sent you, and click the BIG BLUE BUTTON.

That’s it!

As soon as you’ve “pressed the button”, we’re good to go – and you can work with a pro!

Yours in racing,

Keith Bond

Free Racing Tips’s resident Professional Horse Racing Tipster.

How long before I should receive the email?

The email should be with you now. If you can’t find it in your inbox, then it’s probably got lost, and ended up in your spam/junk/promotions folder. A quick search for the subject line “Please confirm your request for free tips” and/or our name “Free Racing Tips” should help you find it.

What do I do if it’s in my spam folder?

The easiest way is to click the “This is not spam” button – this will teach your email provider that you want to see my emails, and to ensure they’re delivered to you. You can also add “” to your contacts list which should ensure that my free tips emails get through to you. Don’t forget to click the BIG BLUE BUTTON in the email though!

I still can’t find the email!

Don’t worry – Our customer support superstar Mel will look after you – just click here to drop Mel a line, and she’ll get you sorted. Sometimes gremlins get into the system, and the old tech adage of “turning it off, and turning it back on again” doesn’t work, so we have to start kicking things. But rest assured, Mel will help you out, and get you on board.

Step 1: Open the email I've just sent you, with the subject line “please confirm your request for free tips” (please check in your spam/junk folders, as it sometimes gets lost en route)

Step 2: Click on the BIG BLUE BUTTON that says “CONFIRM MY EMAIL” – then we’ll be rocking and rolling.

Yours in racing,


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