What’s a Yankee bet?

A Yankee bet is always popular in the world of horse racing and it can see you really take the bookies to the cleaners if you pick the right horses.

We have already told you about a Lucky 15 bet and in many ways a Yankee is similar to a Lucky 15 as you are backing four horses to win, but spreading your bets out into a number of selections.

However, in a Yankee, you are placing eleven bets, instead of 15. So, if you pick your four horses you think are going to win and put down £1 stakes, it means your total bet will cost you £11.

You have six doubles, four trebles and one four-fold, so there are no singles in a Yankee, whereas there are four in a Lucky15.

To show you just how this works, we’ll take you through it, step-by-step.

You have four horses selected and the maximum amount of doubles (two horses to win) you can place is six. They are:

Horse A and B.

Horse A and C

Horse A and D

Horse B and C

Horse B and D

Horse C and D

Then, you can make up four trebles (three of the horses to win):

Horse A, B and C

Horse A, B and D

Horse B, C and D

Horse A, C and D

Finally, there’s one accumulator your can put on, which is Horse A, B, C and D ALL to win.

Add all of these bets up, and it makes eleven. This is why your stake is always multiplied by 11.

You need to know what you’re doing when it comes to a Yankee and if you’re a novice punter, a Lucky 15 is probably the best way to go as some bookies will give you treble odds if you have just one winner.

With a Yankee, you need at least two winners to see any sort of returns.

A Yankee can be a great way to bet and is often a good one for those that like to back favourites.

Don’t forget to check out exactly what a Lucky 15 is, and then find out for yourselves which one you fancy doing.