What is a NAP Bet?

You’ll often see tipsters, presenters and punters say that they have a NAP for the day, but do you know what a NAP is?

First of all I must point out that a Nap has nothing to do with a horse having forty winks

Quite simply a NAP Bet is someone’s best bet of the day and the one you should follow if you want to bet on just one horse..

For example, the Free Racing Tips Premium Tip is our NAP bet and a Premium Tip is give out most day’s to members of the FRT VIP Club.

This NAP Bet is the horse we think has the best chance of winning on that day and the one we’re most confident on. So, when you see NAP next to a horse, you know that in somebody’s opinion it is going to be a good thing.

The aim of the chief FRT tipster Keith is to get a strike rate of at least 35% with his Premium Tip Nap Bets and he generally beats that level of success handsdown here are the latest results.

Of course, not all NAPs win and these are just people’s suggested best bets of the day, and if you look at the Newspaper Naps table which can be found on the Racing Post and Sporting Life websites some tipsters have a very poor record with their Naps so it is worth checking a tipsters record before backing their Nap’s blind.

You might also see NB next to a horse – this is the next best horse that someone is tipping. It’s second to the NAP. Also, an IWAC is an in with a chance bet, usually each-way. This is one that the tipster feels has a decent chance of winning, but doesn’t advise too much money punted on the horse.

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