Cheltenham Festival Facts

Did you catch our last blog, jammed full with facts and figures from Cheltenham Festival? Well, we’re back with some more. This time we’re talking bread, helicopters and prize money. Keep reading, it’ll all make sense soon…

It’s throwback time, with the start of this week’s facts taking us back to 1934 to a horse dubbed as “a god on four legs” by journalist Sidney Galtrey. Golden Miller is unique in his achievement as the only horse to have won both the Cheltenham Gold Cup and the Grand National in the same year.

We told you bread would be included, there’s quite a few Cheltenham foodie facts for you to sink your teeth into. From the 45,000 bread rolls eaten at the festival in 2015 to the 8,000 plus gallons of tea and coffee consumed on average each year. Not to mention the 5 tons of smoked and fresh salmon that festival goers make their way through each year, prepared by the 350 onsite chefs.

Now if you’re like us, you’ll likely be making your way to Cheltenham by car or hopping on the train. Cheltenham Spa train station gets pretty busy over the race days, with around 134,600 people using the station over the four festival days.

However, if public transport is beneath you then you might opt to arrive in style in a helicopter, making up one of the 100 helicopter movements each day at the festival.

Last but not least, we’re talking big bucks. Last week we mentioned that Cheltenham offered £4.5 Million in prize money over the course of the festival but the prize for The Magners Cheltenham Gold Cup, run on Friday the 15th of March, accounts for £625,000 of that.

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